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CH R'Gang's Lena Horne
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Above, R'Gang Havanese are featured on the cover of "From Nose To Tail", the premier grooming handbook for Havanese owners and handlers around the world!

Grooming the Havanese

The coat of a Havanese is typcially long and silky, wavy, or slightly curled, and contain varying amounts of a "cotton" texture. The coat isn't trimmed for the show ring except for nominal scissoring of foot hair and for hygenic cleanliness. Pet Havanese are often clipped or scissored down to a "sporty" length.

In general, you will need a pin brush, a wide-toothed comb and a slicker brush. The slicker brush is used on tough tangles, otherwise use the pin brush for normal daily brushing, because the slicker brush can be too harsh on the Havanese coat. When purchasing your brushes and scissors, go for the highest quality you can afford and grooming your Havanese will become a pleasure you and your dog will come to enjoy!

For a natural Havanese appearance, begin by brushing through the entire coat to remove any tangles. Then comb the coat through with a wide-toothed comb. When the Havanese shakes out his coat, it should fall naturally down the middle of his back in a parting. Do not try to make a perfectly straight part. Although, topknots are not used in the show ring, at home, a topknot can be used to hold the coat up and away from the eyes.

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Please consider adopting a rescue Havanese from Havanese Rescue, Inc.

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What Is A Show Brace?

Havanese dogs brace
brace of Havenese

A Show Brace is when you connect two dogs that look similar together. The idea is that they then must move and respond as if they were one dog, or as similarly as possible. They are judged on how similar they act and how similar they look as well as correct Havanese conformation.

The gorgeous chocolate Havanese brace above belongs to Robin Mosher of HAVANA SILK DOGS, located in Palm Desert, California.

Click on the images below to download the posters:

breeder havanese california california havanese breeder

Havanese dogs brace

Above is a delightful painting of R'Gang Havanese, "Secret" - truly captures the personality of this cute dog. Artist is Robin Mosher of HAVANA SILK DOGS, located in Palm Desert, California.

R'Gang Havanese

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